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The O’Reilly Factor Ambushes NPR CEO Vivian Schiller

Apparently determined to wring every last ounce of story from the Juan Williams firing, the O’Reilly Factor sent out its inimitable Jesse Watters-lead ambush team to track down NPR CEO Vivian Schiller. Presumably this was the sort of thing Jon Stewart was warning against when he noted that NPR had showed up at a knife fight with a tote bag (or a sling bag made out of recycled plastic bottles, according to this week’s list of fundraising thank-you gifts).

So Schiller got ambushed on the way to work the other day. “Ambush” interviewing is sort of the television equivalent of tagging blog posts with the ever-SEO friendly ‘Lindsay Lohan topless’ in so far as it is an cheap and easy way to score eyes regardless of the payoff. The payoff in last night’s ambush was pretty slim, mostly because Schiller actually stopped and talked to Watters civilly and then when he followed her to her office door essentially told him to behave himself before reiterating that she’d apologized for the glib “psychiatrist” statement. Clip below. The Jesse Helms quote Watters is referring to is a Nina Totenberg remark from 1995.

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