The Rockettes’ Producers Release Statement Saying Inauguration Participation Is Voluntary

That’s the power of social media, baby! (If you could just read that in the Pine-Sol Lady‘s voice, it would be really appreciated.)

After heavy criticism from social media users and columnists (like our very own J.D. Durkin!), the Rockettes’ producers will no longer be forcing them to perform at the inauguration of Donald Trump under penalty of termination.

In contrast to the brash letter the Rockettes received from their union informing them they had to perform no matter what, the Madison Square Garden Company released a statement insisting that each Rockette who performs for an event has to sign up voluntarily and is never forced.

If that isn’t the case behind the scenes and the statement is for show, we will likely find out soon. A current and former Rockette have both spoken out publicly about the situation already and will probably not hesitate to do it again if the company’s statement proves false.

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