Tomi Lahren Offers Anti-Hillary Word Blizzard on Hannity: ‘Don’t Start With the Sexism Charade’

There’s something numbing about listening to Tomi Lahren. Her words fly out like a blizzard. What her takes lack in argument, they make up for in the sheer ferocity of their delivery.

…AND so with that in mind, Sean Hannity treated us to some classic Tomi on Tuesday night offering her the final word during his primetime show on Trump TV Fox News.

During the torrent, Lahren unloaded on Hillary Clinton, who is currently on tour selling her campaign post mortem, ‘What Happened’

Lahren, in her characteristic way, was unsparing, chiding Clinton not to “start with the sexism, charade.”

“What happened Hillary. You happened,” she began. “You blamed and continue to blame literally everyone.”

Lahren said Clinton’s loss came despite the support of various establishment figures, listing a who’s who of GOP ghouls who she accused of being in the tank for Hillary.

“You lost because you’re as relatable as cardboard and allergic to accountability. And no it’s not because the country wasn’t ready for a woman. It’s because the country isn’t ready for a liar or an entitled political princess, so don’t start with the sexism thing again.”


On the other hand, entitled political princesses is a subject Lahren knows well. While working at Glenn Beck’s moribund news shop, TheBlaze, Lahren was a known office tyrant, infamously demanding that staffers heat up “butt warming pads” before each of her in-house media appearances.

So in conclusion — something about stones and glass houses.

[image via screengrab]

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