Trump: ‘Everyone Wants’ Ivanka to Replace Nikki Haley, But I Hear ‘Chants of Nepotism’

In his daily Twitter missive, President Trump expressed his pleasure with all the recent speculation about whether he’ll replace Nikki Haley with his daughter.

Ever since Haley confirmed her imminent departure from her position as Ambassador to the United Nations, media figures and political observers have noted the possibility that the president will try to have Ivanka Trump take Haley’s place. The First Daughter said this week that she will not become Haley’s successor, though speculation still remains.

As such, the president tweeted today about how “everyone wants” Ivanka to take the job, though he predicts “the chants of Nepotism” if he were to go down that road.

Indeed, Trump predicted nepotism accusations earlier this week, even as he said his daughter would’ve been “dynamite” as UN ambassador.

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