Trump Reportedly Said Reporters Asking About Attacks on Judge Are the Real Racists

Donald-Trump-via-Fox-screengrab-e1457478220922An amazing new report from Bloomberg gives some insight into the internal tensions within Donald Trump‘s campaign over his racially-charged attacks on the Mexican judge presiding over the Trump University case.

According to the report, Trump’s own campaign had been telling surrogates to stop talking about the judge, but the candidate himself was made aware of this on a conference call today and proceeded to smack it down entirely.

He said, “Take that order and throw it the hell out.”

Trump purportedly told surrogates over the phone that he was unaware of whoever sent out the memo and expounded, “Are there any other stupid letters that were sent to you folks? That’s one of the reasons I want to have this call, because you guys are getting sometimes stupid information from people that aren’t so smart.”

Trump has been insistent from the very start that he should be easily winning the Trump University fraud lawsuit, and Judge Gonzalo Curiel‘s heritage likely explains why he isn’t.

And then this happened on the call:

A clearly irritated Trump told his supporters to attack journalists who ask questions about the lawsuit and his comments about the judge.

“The people asking the questions—those are the racists,” Trump said. “I would go at ’em.”

This is no doubt in response to more people feeling comfortable with calling out Trump’s racially-tinged attacks on a judge as, well, racist.

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