Tweets From Hillary: Clinton Officially Joins Twitter, Picks The Perfect Avatar

Two months after her husband @PrezBillyJeff first made the plunge in the Twittersphere, with a little help from Stephen Colbert, @HillaryClinton has jumped on board as well. (Of course former President Bill Clinton later updated his account to the more appropriate @BillClinton).

As of 12:45pm ET, Hillary Clinton has more than 6,700 followers and so far is only following her husband and her daughter plus the account for the Clinton Global Initiative and the Clinton Foundation. And, naturally, she chose her iconic “Texts From Hillary” image as her Twitter avatar.

Clinton also gave a shout-out to the founder of the “Texts From Hillary” Tumblr, Adam Smith and Stacey Lambe, in her first tweet, saying she can “take if from here.”

Perhaps, Clinton got the idea to use the image from The Huffington Post’s Ethan Klapper, who made the suggestion all the way back in February when people started wondering what was taking the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination frontrunner so long to get on the digital platform that drives so much of the political conversation.

If anything, Clinton’s decision to finally get on Twitter will only add to the speculation about her plans for 2016.

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