WaPo’s Jonathan Capehart: Cornel West’s Criticism Of Obama Makes Him ‘No Better Than A Birther’

Professor Cornel West’s criticism of President Obama as a “black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs” is reverberating throughout the African American community and the media, and is particularly disturbing to The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart. After defending his comments last night on MSNBC, West did not sway Capehart from his belief that West is now leading a “Blacker than thou” crowd that is as embarrassing as the Birther movement.

In a controversial interview, West also suggested Obama is “afraid of free black men” and “has become head of the American killing machine and is proud of it.” Capehart was equally as blunt in his response to West, labeling West’s critique to be “myopic, offensive and embarrassingly petty.” Capehart continued:

“Whereas [Birthers and some Republicans] tried to deny the president his citizenship, West is trying to deny him his inherent blackness. By indulging in the ‘Obama-as-other’ narrative, West is no better than a birther.”

With Capehart’s charge here, might West be eager to forcefully return fire? It seems likely, given that the last time West defended his belief that Obama was not effectively serving the African American community, there were some memorable fireworks.

Check out Capehart’s full piece in The Washington Post.

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