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Watch President Obama Get Down To Some Freestyle Vietnamese Rap

Attendees at a town hall meeting in Ho Chi Minh City Wednesday got a surprise treat at the tail end of the event. President Obama, in the midst of an Asia trip with historic implications, took his final question from a young woman who turned out to be none other than Suboi, otherwise known as Vietnam’s “Queen of Hip-Hop.” Before answering her question, the President asked Suboi if she would mind spitting some bars, and even offered up his own beat-boxing skills. The young rapper complied, as President Obama grooved along for a few seconds:

President Obama may go down in history as our most musical president, but Doug E. Fresh has nothing to fear from him in the beat-boxing department.

The President went on to answer her question, explaining the importance of art, even offensive art, in a free society:

Let’s be honest, sometimes art is dangerous, and that’s why governments sometimes get nervous about art. But one of the things that I truly believe is that if you try to suppress the arts, then I think you’re suppressing the deepest dreams and aspirations of a people.

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