Watch the Cartoon Deemed to Have ‘Most Explicit Material’ Ever Made by a Broadcast Network

Just because FOX Broadcast and the Fox News Channel are corporate cousins doesn’t mean you should expect the former to reflect the same sensibilities as the latter. Case in point, for its Animation Domination High-Def block, FOX put out what is perhaps the weirdest, most f**ked-up cartoon short of all-time. (Or, at the very least, the most f**ked-up cartoon short ever to be released by one of the major broadcast networks.)

ADHD, in case you didn’t know, is FOX’s answer to Adult Swim (sort of), that includes programming you wouldn’t typically see broadcast on Fox.

The Parents Television Council was at the forefront of criticism about the Easter video, calling it “the most explicit material we’ve ever seen produced by a broadcast television network.” They condemn the “offensive nature of a video being promoted during Holy Week and Passover” as “easily X-rated material that directly targets, and appeals to, children.”

Now, you’ll notice thus far I haven’t described what actually happens in the video. That’s because what happens in this video defies description, and if you think the screengrab above gives you some idea of what to expect, think a-f**king-gain.

You can watch the (INCREDIBLY NSFW) video below, via FOX:

UPDATE: FOX has since made the video private, but you can still watch below.

[h/t UPROXX]
[photo via screengrab]

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