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What Andrew Breitbart Learned From Keith Olbermann

Here’s an interesting peek into the mind of a man who’s been getting a lot of attention lately. Andrew Breitbart is the latest subject of a fun series the Atlantic Wire is running called ‘What I Read.’ So what feeds the mind of the man responsible for the ‘Big’ online media empire; someone Wired just described as having made the “journalism industry his bitch”? Well it’s not Gawker. He is, however, apparently pursuing the Keith Olbermann path to fame and infamy, except in the opposite direction.

I use Google Alert for my name to start fights with people in comment sections or on Twitter. [Hi Andrew!] It’s clear that Keith Olbermann‘s strategy to get noticed was to attack people above him. I have precisely the opposite strategy: to go after the mosquitoes that bite my ankles. I’m not sure it’s a good business model but I’m a petty enough man to indulge them.

Breitbart also notes that newspapers have become a nostalgic luxury and that his regular reading includes the likes of: National Review The Corner, Powerline, Instapundit, The Huffington Post, Daily Kos, The Atlantic. I subscribe to The Claremont Review of Books, Reason, National Review, Human Events, Weekly Standard, Imprimis and Barely 18 (last one is a joke…his joke)

Read the full post here. And scroll to the bottom for links to the entire series.

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