Bret Baier

Fox News’ Bret Baier Perplexed By Trump’s ‘Surreal’ Presser With Putin

Dana Bash, Bret Baier Press Pence on Trump Refusing to Say Whether Putin’s a Friend or Foe

Fox News Reporter Refutes Jim Jordan: There Seems To Be Many Credible People Who Aren’t Mike Disabato

Bret Baier Grills Jim Jordan on Abuse Allegations: Are You Saying This is a Conspiracy?

Jim Jordan Denies Knowledge of Ohio State Abuse: Locker Room Conversations Different From Reported Abuse

Fox News’ Baier Rebukes Mollie Hemingway’s Defense of Pruitt: He Tried to Get Wife a Job at Chik-fil-A

Kurtz Challenges Rob Reiner for Calling Fox ‘State-Run’: Presume You Know Fox Has Thriving News Division

Trump on Putin at G7: ‘I Could Ask Him to Do Things That are Good for the World’

Trump Explains Kim Jong Un’s Murderous Brutality: ‘He’s Tough’

Fox News’ Special Report Pays Tribute to Charles Krauthammer: ‘We’ll Miss Him’

The View Grills Bret Baier: ‘People Do See Fox News as The Administration’s Mouthpiece’

The Top Five James Comey Interviewers (So Far)

Bret Baier on Comey Not Knowing Who Funded Trump Dossier: ‘I Dont Understand How That’s Possible’

Bret Baier Holds Comey’s Feet to the Fire Over Dossier: You Still Don’t Know it Was Funded By DNC?

Comey on the Eve of His Fox News Appearance: I’m Going on a Network ‘That Thinks I Should Be in Jail’

Trey Gowdy Blasts James Comey: ‘His Whole Book Tour’ is Quite Frankly a ‘Pretty Weaselly Thing’

Fox News Contributor: ‘There’s No Polite Way to Put This,’ But Trump Doesn’t Get ‘How Trade Works’

Fox News’ Bret Baier Loses Bet With Jake Tapper Over Super Bowl, Will Donate to Charity

Devin Nunes Responds to Democrats on the Memo: They ‘Tell So Many Lies,’ Not ‘Honest Actors’

Bret Baier: ‘Opinion Side of Fox News’ Has No Problem Getting Trump Interviews, But I’m Still Trying

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