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Lindsey Graham Applauds Trump Speech: ‘Unlike Obama,’ He’s Listening to His Generals

Martha MacCallum on Trump Speech: This Was ‘A Very Trumpian Version of The War on Afghanistan’

Bret Baier: This Was ‘Clearly the Worst Week’ of Donald Trump’s Presidency

Bret Baier Covers Lawsuit and Allegations Against Fox News, White House on Special Report

Krauthammer Slams Trump/Press: Russia Meddling ‘Is Not The Main Story For God’s Sake’

If Fox News Held Itself to CNN’s Standards It Would Go out of Business

Lindsey Graham to Trump: Every Time You Tweet, It Hurts the People ‘Trying to Help You’

Fox News Can’t Find Republicans to Defend Trump In Wake of Recent Comey Memo

Mollie Hemingway on Comey Firing: ‘People Need to Accept the Reality’ That Trump Is President

Charles Krauthammer: ‘Looks Pretty Improper’ That Trump Asked Comey About Investigation

Fox Panelist on Comey Firing: ‘What If This is a Move to Chill Leaks?’

Fox News’ Special Report Addresses News of O’Reilly Departure

Krauthammer: It’s ‘Infinitely Safer’ for Trump to Keep Bannon in White House

‘More Policy’ and ‘Less Polls’: Five Anchors Reflect on How They’d Cover the Election Differently

Fox’s Bret Baier: We Love Judge Napolitano, But We Haven’t Been Able to ‘Back Up Those Claims’

Chuck Schumer on Trump’s Taxes: ‘The Key Question is Are There Russian Sources’ of Income

Paul Ryan Tells Bret Baier He’s ‘Encouraged’ by CBO Report

Paul Ryan: Steve King Comment Doesn’t Reflect What Makes America Special, I Hope He Misspoke

Pence on New Flynn Revelations: ‘Affirmation’ of Trump’s Decision to Ask for Resignation

Pence: We Will ‘Listen Very Intently to Conservative Leaders’ on Health Care Bill

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