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Tucker Carlson Swipes at MSNBC’s Peter Alexander for ‘Aggressively’ Supporting Gun Control

Tucker Cuts Off Georgia State Rep. After Heated Clash on Guns: ‘Don’t Demagogue it With Me’

Tucker Carlson Hits CNN’s Jeff Zucker For Fox News ‘Propaganda’ Slam: He’s an ‘Agent of Foreign Governments’

Conservative Commentator Hails Ralph Peters, Excoriates Fox News: ‘The American Version of RT’

Tucker Carlson Says Good Riddance to Ralph Peters: Him Likening Me to a Nazi Apologist ‘Says it All’

Former Obama Adviser Blasts Tucker Carlson Segment: ‘Equal Parts Racist, Dumb, and Inaccurate’

Tucker Carlson: John Brennan’s Tweet on McCabe Firing Is Why ‘People Are Afraid of the Deep State’

Trump Hiring Lawyer Who Has Argued ‘FBI and DOJ People’ Tried to ‘Frame’ POTUS (UPDATED)

Here’s a Stunning Supercut of Fox Newsers Bashing Obama For Saying He’d Meet With NoKo

Trevor Noah Blasts Tucker Carlson For Saying Anti-Gun Students Aren’t ‘Citizens’: ‘Get The F**k Outta Here’

Mark Steyn Asks If Dog Dying on Flight Means a Flight Attendant Wouldn’t Hear ‘Guy Going Allahu Akbar’

Tucker Carlson Bemoans Male Unemployment Rates in Latest ‘Men in America,’ And It’s So Gross

Tucker Guest Katie Hopkins Goes on Bizarre Racial Tangent About ‘Black Rhinos’: I’m ‘Endangered’

Tucker Carlson Blasts ‘Crazy Old’ Phil Mudd: ‘Unbalanced Guy You See Screaming on CNN’

Tucker Carlson and Jorge Ramos Go At It in Fiery Immigration Debate: ‘Spare Me Your Talking Points’

The Daily Caller Runs Op-Ed Damning the Mueller Probe Penned by Putin-Allied Russian Oligarch

Tucker Carlson’s New Series on Men in America Shines Light on National Crisis: Why Are Guys Losing Sperm?

John Bolton and Tucker Carlson Knock Heads in Tense Foreign Policy Clash: ‘Your Analysis is Simpleminded’

Brian Stelter: The Worse Things Get for Trump on Russia, The Worse the Fox News ‘Deflections’ Get

After Blasting Trump, Tucker Carlson Clarifies The Left Is Still a Bigger ‘Threat to Gun Rights’

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