comScore Trump Snaps When Reporter Asks About Attacks on Nancy Pelosi

Trump Snaps When Reporter Asks About ‘Attacks’ on Pelosi: ‘You Think Nancy’s the Same as She Was? She’s Not’


President Donald Trump attacked the media again on Friday, as he faced a barrage of questions about his personal attacks on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Taking questions from the White House South Lawn, Trump faced a multitude of inquiries about his jabs at Pelosi’s mental condition, including the doctored video he posted on Twitter to falsely depict her in drunken, impaired manner.

When a reporter asked what he wants to accomplish with these “personal attacks,” Trump growled: “This just shows how fake you and the news are.”

“Did you hear what she said about me long before I went after her? She made horrible statements. She knows they are not true,” Trump added. “She said terrible things, so I just responded in kind. Look, you think Nancy is the same as she was? She’s not. Maybe we can all say that, but I think…I want to do what’s good for the country.”

Trump continued to say Pelosi is “not helping this country,” called Democrats “obstructionists,” and said ongoing investigations into him are only being carried out because people supposedly want a “do-over” on Robert Mueller‘s report.

Watch above, via CNN.

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