Brian Kilmeade Blasts Pete Buttigieg’s Comments on Jefferson Memorials: ‘What a Clown!’

While Pete Buttigieg’s performance during a Fox News town hall earned an in-studio standing ovation — and plaudits on other cable news outletsFox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade remains unimpressed, dismissing the South Bend Mayor and presidential hopeful by saying “what a clown!”

At issue are Buttigieg’s past comments in which he expressed concern over Thomas Jefferson’s “racial history” and  “suggested that some of the things honoring him the traditional Jefferson-Jackson democratic dinners should be renamed” is how town hall host Chris Wallace described it.

Kilmeade called Buttigieg a “clown” in the tease to a segment that followed a commercial break, then continued with the dismissive mien in the interview that followed.

Interestingly, the Fox & Friends segment perfectly exemplified what Buttigieg dismissed as the “media noise machine on the right wing that takes things out of control.”

Or as esteemed Twitterer Bobby Lewis points out:


Watch above via Fox News.

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