Charles Krauthammer To Fox: ‘The Real Story Here Is That Obama Won, But He’s Got No Mandate’

Krauthammer To Fox: 'The Real Story Here Is That Obama Won, But He's Got No Mandate'

Charles Krauthammer reacted to President Obama‘s re-election on Fox News, remarking that while the president may have won, the real story is that he has “no mandate.” He further characterized Mitt Romney as a “Northeastern liberal” and said that’s simply not where the country is going.

“I think the real story here is that Obama won, but he’s got no mandate,” Krauthammer said. “He won but by going very small, very negative, and we are left as a country exactly where we started but a little bit worse off.”

If Obama gets a majority of the popular vote, Krauthammer said, it will be very small. “The problem is the country will slide right through a second term because I don’t see give on either side,” he added. “Particularly with the president, with a very weak mandate for a second term.”

Romney was a “transitional figure” who “ran as good a campaign as he could,” Krauthammer said. He came pretty close, he added, but Romney’s “a Northeastern liberal and that’s not where we’re going.” Speaking about the future of the Republican party and conservative moment, Krauthammer offered optimism, citing the “whole young rising generation.”

In terms of this election, though, Romney was the “logical” candidate.

Watch below, via Fox News:

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