Colbert Cold Open: Raiders of the Lost Trump Tax Returns

How secret and well-guarded are President Trump’s tax returns? Well have you ever seen Raiders of the Lost Ark?

That was the parody subject of the cold open on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Thursday. As is so often the case with the cold open, it started with the fake news “Late Show News Network” premise. In this case, the report was about Democrats demanding once again that Trump release his returns.

“Don’t look at it. There’s massive fraud in there!”

It cuts to clips from Raiders, dubbed over of course, at the scene with the face-melting. That’s enough to make the joke worth it, and the premise is solid. Pretty good Eric Trump slam in it too.

It’s funny but also that might actually be where the tax returns are kept, so…

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CBS.

[Featured image via screengrab]

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