Condoleezza Rice To Herman Cain: ‘It’s Not Good For The Country’ To Play The Race Card

As the Herman Cain sexual harassment allegations continue to monopolize the news cycle, allegations, particularly from conservatives, that the allegations are race-based continue to fly. On CBS today, however, one prominent black conservative went out of her way to warn that race was not the way to fight these claims. In an interview with The Early Show, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice weighed in, expressing disgust at the entire idea of talking about race at all. “I don’t care much for incendiary language,” she sighed, warning that “it’s not good for the country” for anyone– left or right– to “play the race card.”

“I’m someone who doesn’t believe in playing the race card on either side,” Rice told Norah O’Donnell, who asked her to comment on the possibility that black conservatives face more criticism than liberal minorities. She noted that it was “not good for the country” to play the race card and that the right course of action would be for everyone to “take a step back and let Herman Cain answer the questions.” She added that she did not say this exclusively for conservatives, as “I don’t like the race card when people say that people are criticizing President Obama because he is black.”

The segment via CBS below:

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