Dana Perino: If Obama Has Time To Tweet, ‘We Should Re-Examine’ The President’s Responsibilities

The news that President Obama will soon start personally sending out real messages through Twitter likely has some of his supporters excited, but Fox News contributor Dana Perino was left wondering how he has time for such activities? She appeared on Fox & Friends and was less than enthused about the prospect of seeing tweets coming directly from Obama.

Perino did admit that “inauthentic tweets are really annoying” and that she “unfollows” anyone on Twitter that has such boring, not real messages. Yet she wondered “maybe we should re-examine the roles and responsibilities of the President of the United States” if he has time to use Twitter?

The Fox & Friends hosts thought it was a strange time for Obama to announce that he would become more active on Twitter, just as Anthony Weiner lost his career because of it. Yet maybe Obama’s decision to personally tweet is not only a way to reach young voters, but also his attempt to prove that with Weiner gone, Twitter is finally safe again for all to use?

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

(h/t Media Matters)

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