Fox’s Brian Kilmeade: ‘Almost Treason’ for Obama to Focus on Climate Change

During his Fox News radio show on Thursday afternoon, Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade suggested that it is “almost treason” for President Obama to focus on climate change while other issues swirl about the presidency.

At a Wednesday evening League of Conservation Voters event, the president mocked those who consider climate change concern to be a liberal “plot.”

Such remarks prompted Kilmeade to respond on his radio show:

I would say, if you really are Al Gore-ish and you want to make that your passion: Wait ’til you get out of office. Because you have crisises [sic] — that’s plural, that’s the best I could do — crisises to attend to. It is almost treason for him to be focusing like this. You could not have more challenges than he has.

Kilmeade also suggested the president should learn a thing or two from the original Jamestown colonists, who came to American continent during record hot temperatures: “They didn’t say ‘Let’s not bother the Indians, let’s not even make a fire, let’s not get guns until we solve this global warming crisis.”

He added: “I would argue that people aren’t really looking to raise gas prices and oil prices and destroy the coal industry over a situation where we’ve already proven that these scientists are skewing with the results.”

Listen below, as clipped by MMfA:

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