Halperin: Trump’s Attacks on Judge ‘Not Racial’ Because ‘Mexican Is Not a Race’

halperinOn today’s With All Due Respect, Mark Halperin engaged in a strange semantic argument to push back against the idea that Donald Trump‘s attacks against a Hispanic judge are “racial.”

Just to review, Trump has been saying over and over that the “Mexican heritage” of the judge in the Trump University case certainly creates a conflict of interest there––the clear message there being he can’t treat Trump fairly because he’s Hispanic.

But Halperin today decided to zone in on the use of the word “Mexican,” and so when co-host John Heilemann said that Trump is playing “pure racial politics,” Halpering objected, “No, it’s not racist.”

Why? Because, he said, “Mexico’s not a race.”

Heilemann was a little astonished by that and said Trump is clearly “stirring up racial animus” by attacking a Hispanic judge.

Halperin said, “It’s certainly racially-tinged, I was just making the point that Mexican is not a race.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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