comScore Joe Scarborough Eviscerates Mike Pence For Praising Joe Arpaio: VP is ‘Beneath Contempt’

Joe Scarborough Eviscerates Mike Pence For Praising Joe Arpaio: VP is ‘Beneath Contempt’

Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough eviscerated Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday for praising former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, saying his comments were “beneath contempt” and that he was playing “to the lowest common denominator.”

Arpaio’s track record includes controversies and convictions, from cutting local prison meals to just twice a day and later being charged with disobeying court orders demanding an end to patrols targeting immigrants. But none of that stopped the vice president from referring to the current Arizona Senate candidate as a “champion” for the “rule of law” during a rally in Phoenix, Arizona on Tuesday night.

“This is a guy who would torture, kill, allow rapes, allow sexual assaults to continue, would intentionally harass Americans of Hispanic heritage,” Scarborough said on Wednesday morning. “Chapter and verse, one of the most contemptible examples of a public servant abusing their office, and doing everything to undermine basic American values … what would lead Mike Pence to say that?”

Arpaio was pardoned by President Donald Trump in late August last year after being convicted of criminal contempt. The former sheriff described his conviction as “a political with hunt by holdovers in the Obama Justice Department” in a tweet thanking the president for his pardon.

Other political analysts and Republicans alike have decried the vice president’s comments as “the decline of Mike Pence” and “depressing.”

Watch a clip above, via MSNBC.

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