Kamala Harris: I Will ‘Never Apologize’ for Prosecuting Rapists, Murderers and Child Molesters


Speaking with The Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah on Wednesday, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris said she will never regret prosecuting rapists and molesters.

Harris’ comments were in response to Noah asking about the controversy sparked by Harris’ criminal justice record.

“You have come under criticism recently where people say you had some programs that some feel targeted minorities or communities that didn’t have the means, you know, for instance, truancy programs where mothers were threatened with prison because their children weren’t going to school, weren’t where they were supposed to be,” Noah noted.

He then asked Harris what was the biggest thing that changed the way she saw criminal reform.

Harris replied:

“Well, first let me say this. I will— I will never regret having prosecuted people who molested children, people who raped women, people who murdered other individuals. Those are serious crimes for which I believe there should be serious punishment. And I am never going to apologize for that and I think most people would agree that when one human being harms another human being, especially those who are weak and vulnerable, that there should be serious and severe consequence and accountability.”

She then added: “We also know and I was born knowing that this system of criminal justice in this country needs reform.”

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