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Mark Levin On Budget Compromise: ‘This Is A Historic Scam’

Conservative radio host Mark Levin spoke with Neil Cavuto yesterday on Fox News and was not in the mood to celebrate the deal that avoided a government shutdown. Instead, he declared the compromise to be “a historic scam” and expressed disappointment with Republican leaders saying “I think they don’t have a strategy.”

Levin also commented, “I love this conga line of Bush staffers telling us this is great. The second biggest creator of deficits in world history – the Bush administration.” Levin argued that Speaker John Boehner should realize he has much more power than he realizes and should start using it, because there only remains a couple of opportunities where Boehner can really make a difference.

Upon Levin’s sour conclusion that the budget deal “hasn’t changed a damn thing,” Cavuto, who was standing outside in Washington near on ongoing parade, humorously joked, “you are literally raining on a parade.”

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

(h/t BreitbartTV)

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