MSNBC Senior Editor Blasts Obama WH for Throwing Sebelius Under the Bus

On Hardball Friday, senior editor Beth Fouhy took the Obama administration to task for “sniping” at Kathleen Sebelius‘ job performance in the midst of the Obamacare rollout when, really, they should have been “more on top of it” than they were if they wanted things to go smoothly.

She told Matthews that the Obama White House has been “all about itself and saying they can do everything better than their Cabinet” and taking credit when it suits them, but putting the blame on a Cabinet member when something goes wrong.

Fouhy charged that if the White House wanted the rollout to go smoothly, they should have been on the phone every day, working on it, instead of blaming Sebelius “for not doing it right.”

“To do that kind of sniping about her performance after what she’s done for this president, and for five years of service in that job… was pretty lame.”

She also noted it was “very convenient for them” to blame Sebelius when “his team should have been more on top of it than it was.”

Watch the video below, via MSNBC:

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