MSNBC’s Richard Wolffe Says Sarah Palin ‘Refreshingly Honest’ but ‘Self-Serving’ in Tucson Response

After today’s White House briefing, I caught up with MSNBC contributor and author Richard Wolffe to get his take on the media’s handling of Sarah Palin in the wake of the mass shooting in Tucson, and Palin’s handling of it, as well. Wolffe said he thought Palin was “refreshingly honest” at times in her interview with Sean Hannity, but criticized her “self-serving” overreaches, and defended the mainstream media’s coverage of Palin as part of the Tucson story.

Wolffe has been critical of Palin’s response this past week, so the main thing I wanted to do was to ask him to respond to some of the criticism that Palin has been leveling at the mainstream media. On that count, Wolffe said much of Palin’s reaction is perfectly reasonable, but that she often goes too far in playing the “victim card.”

But Wolffe defended the mainstream media’s inclusion of Palin in the story, noting that the worst attacks on Palin came from less mainstream sources, and that, as a possible aspirant to high office, Palin’s rhetoric is subject to scrutiny.

A quick note about our interview: this was rather impromptu, and I only used the built-in mic on my camcorder, so there’s a lot of ambient chatter from just off-camera. You can hear Wolffe just fine, and it does give you some sense of what the White House briefing room is like.

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