Sen. John McCain Has Some Friendly Advice For Rick Perry: Get Some Sleep

Sen. John McCain knows a thing or two about running Republican presidential races, but when prompted to give candidates advice, his words of wisdom were simple. On The Situation Room yesterday, Wolf Blitzer asked the senator what he would advise Rick Perry to do to strengthen the race, and he had one major tip to pass on: sleep deprivation can kill a presidential campaign.

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Prompted to give advice to the fledgling campaign of the governor of Texas, Sen. McCain noted that it may “sound simplistic,” but that sleep was teh key to success. “Every time I made a serious mistake,” he admitted, “…it’s been when I’m tired.” Given the most memorable debate performance of the Perry campaign so far involved a slurry word salad attack on Mitt Romney‘s health care record that nearly turned the phrase “was it was before, was it before?” into a meme, this may be the wisest thing anyone has ever said about the Perry campaign.

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It was not the only bit of advice from Sen. McCain, however, who added that Perry needed to “get somebody in there who will really give them a good scrubbing” in pre-debate training, and who could well imitate the potential responses candidate would give to his attacks in real life.

The advice via CNN below:

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