Thursday Cable Ratings: Fox Prime Time Wins in Total Viewers and Key Demo


Fox News, boosted by prime time opinion anchors Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, won the night on Thursday, pulling in higher numbers in both total viewers and the crucial demographic of viewers age 25-54. It’s the first time this week that CNN hasn’t won in the demo during prime time.

Fox averaged 3.41 million viewers from 8 to 11 p.m., with 527,000 in the key demo. MSNBC had the second-most total prime time viewers, with 2.59 million, but had the fewest in the demo, with 377,000. CNN had the fewest viewers overall, with 2.04 million, and the second-most viewers in the younger demo, with 499,000.

Tucker Carlson Tonight had the most viewers in prime time, with 3.88 million total and 575,000 in the demo. Hannity had the second-most, with 3.64 million total and 537,000 in the younger demographic. Rachel Maddow had the third-highest number of total viewers – 3.29 million – but, with 512,000 viewers in the demo, The Rachel Maddow Show just barely lost out to Chris Cuomo, whose Cuomo Prime Time had fewer total viewers, with 2.19 million, but 514,000 in the demo.

In the post-prime time 11 p.m. hour, both Brian Williams and Don Lemon had wins, with The 11th Hour with Brian Williams getting the most viewers overall (2.08 million, 305,000 in the demo), and CNN Tonight with Don Lemon winning the hour with the demo, with 394,000 younger viewers. CNN Tonight came third in total viewers, with 1.32 million. On Fox, Shannon Bream pulled in 1.46 million total viewers for Fox News at Night with Shannon Bream, with 285,000 in the demo.

At 7 p.m., Fox’s Martha MacCallum pulled ahead of Joy Reid and Erin Burnett in total viewers, with The Story with Martha MacCallum getting 2.23 million total viewers, The Reidout getting 1.99 million, and Erin Burnett OutFront getting 1.84 million. Burnett, however, won big in the younger demo, with 444,000 younger viewers tuning in, compared to 343,000 for The Story and 338,000 for The Reidout.

MSNBC’s Morning Joe had the most total viewers for the eighth day in a row, with 1.45 million, but with an average 229,000 in the demo, got fewer younger viewers than Fox and Friends, which had 1.28 million viewers overall and 235,000 in the demo. CNN’s New Day had 811,000 total viewers, and 156,000 in the demo.

Fox and CNN split the wins in total day viewers. Fox had the most total viewers – 1.83 million – and 284,000 in the demo. CNN had the fewest total viewers, 1.44 million, but dominated in the demo, with 338,000 younger viewers. MSNBC beat CNN in total viewers, with 1.69 million, and 248,000 in the demo.

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