Cuomo: Trump’s Cohen Talk Sounds Like a Guy in an Orange Jumpsuit ‘Explaining Why They Got Done Wrong’


On Thursday night, CNN host Chris Cuomo said that President Donald Trump‘s latest explanation about why he hired Michael Cohen sounded like a prisoner explaining why he “got done wrong.”

Cuomo started off by playing a clip of Trump saying he hired his former fixer — who entered in a plea deal on Thursday — because he did him a favor long ago.

He then said Trump’s “favor” story is a bluff.

“He brought him in because he was loyal as hell and he worked his ass off,” Cuomo said, noting Cohen did Trump’s bidding for a long time.

He continued on: “Even that notion, ‘hey, he did me a favor, so I gave him a job. He’s weak. If you don’t admit to a lie, then you’re strong. If you turn with the government, then you’re a rat.’ — This is not the way a high elected official is supposed to talk.”

Cuomo then said rather than sounding like it comes from the president of the United States, “it is the way guys talk to me when they are wearing orange jumpsuits and explaining why they got done wrong.”

After laughing, Don Lemon — who had joined Cuomo for the segment —  pointed out that he doesn’t know anyone who “is not good at their job and they keep a job for over a decade as a favor.”

Watch above,  via CNN


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