Jonah Goldberg To Fox Panel: ‘Republicans Are In A Shocking Amount Of Disarray’

Appearing on Special Report this evening, conservative columnist Jonah Goldberg had a pretty harsh assessment of the Republican Party at this current moment.

“The Republicans are in a shocking amount of disarray right now,” Goldberg told host Bret Baier. “I think the House Republicans are slightly more disciplined, which is why you’re not hearing a lot of House Republicans out there talking.”

He took a swipe at congressmen like Rep. Peter King (R-NY) who “wasn’t part of the [fiscal cliff] conversation” talking about the party’s potential tax plans despite not holding much actual weight in the actual negotiations.

The main problem, Goldberg said, is that “the Republican Party has not developed an alternative idea set other than what Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were campaigning on, and so it is sort, by default, has become their opening negotiation position.”

Watch below, via Fox News:

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