CNN’s John King Reacts to Biden Casually Joking About Allegations: People are Going to be Offended

CNN’s John King was taken aback by Joe Biden’s opening joke in his first appearance since his controversial public displays of affection came up a week ago.

During an address to International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers’ (IBEW) construction and maintenance conference on Friday morning, Biden acknowledged the week-long controversy for the first time publicly, after releasing a video Wednesday in which he claimed to understand the “shifting social norms” and pledged to ostensibly do better.

During the speech, the former Vice President innocently put his arm around a young boy and told the audience “by the way, he gave me permission to touch him,” which drew a big laugh.

After airing the clip, King and his fellow panelists seemed somewhat aghast with Biden’s actions, saying “He had to know walking onto the stage the moment and then he makes what he considers to be a joke which I suspect a lot of other people, especially the women involved, are going to find offensive.”

Issues of Biden’s lack of discipline were then brought up and a rather earnest discussion of how this seemingly innocent moment would play politically followed.

Watch above via CNN.

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