Seth Meyers Answers if Trump is Either ‘Dumb’ or ‘Racist’: It’s Most Likely ‘All of The Above’


In his latest Closer Look, Seth Meyers slammed President Donald Trump for sending out a tweet mocking Sen. Elizabeth Warren for her 2020 run.

That tweet, as many on Twitter noted, included what was apparently a rude reference to a dark time in American history, the Trail of Tears.

Here is the tweet:

“This tweet was obviously racist, and yet there are actually some conservatives arguing that it wasn’t a reference to the Trail of Tears because Trump doesn’t know what that is,” Meyers said after showing a CNN clip talking about Trump’s post.

He then noted Fox News’ Brit Hume was among those not buying that Trump meant the Trail of Tears.

“They are actually defending Trump by saying he is too dumb to be racist,” Meyers said, referring to folks like Hume.

The comedian further suggested Trump can actually be both at the same time.

“First of all, If you ever find yourself asking is Trump ‘dumb’ or is he ‘racist’ the answer is most likely C , ‘all of the above,” Meyers quipped.

He added that Trump has long said he was a fan of Andrew Jackson, who carried out the forced removal and ethnic cleansing of Native Americans.

Watch above, via NBC

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