Alex Jones Goes Live to Respond to Social Media Crackdown, Invokes The Alamo: ‘Remember InfoWars’

If you thought Alex Jones would have a thoughtful, reflective, coherent reaction to the increased stranglehold on his social media accounts, think again.

The Infowars conspiracy factory chief has offered a reaction to the news that YouTube, Facebook, Apple and Spotify have all cracked down on him for repeated violations of their policy guidelines. Jones lashed out at Chinese telecom giants and European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker, claiming at one point that “it’s only made us stronger” now that he’s been “shadow-banned.”

After some more lunatic raving (including the part where Jones called New York Times a “globalist intelligence agency”), he accused other major media outlets and the “evil, wicked sociopaths” they employ of leading a combined effort to take down Infowars.

“I made the conscious decision to take action. I made the conscious decision to draw their fire and expose who they were believing in you, and believing when you see the Alamo assaulted and myself probably destroyed…that is ‘Remember Infowars. Remember Free Speech.'”

Oh, and Jones also took the opportunity to ask his audience to give him money and buy his website’s quack merch.

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