Anti-Obama Text Message Ads Announce That Obama ‘Supports Transgender Marriage’

Anti-Obama Text Announces That Obama 'Supports Transgender Marriage'

As if online and TV ads weren’t annoying and intrusive enough, now hundreds of potential voters (and even some children too young to vote) report receiving unsolicited text messages urging them to vote against Barack Obama.

Politico provides some examples:

“Voting for Obama means voting for same-sex marriage,” one message read. Others included “Obama stole $716 Billion in Medicare. We cant [sic] trust Obama to protect our seniors,” “Obama is using your tax dollars to fund Planned Parenthood and abortions. Is that right” and “VP Biden mocks a fallen Navy Seal during memorial. Our military deserves better.”

Another said: “Obama supports transgender marriage in America. Obamas values are just wrong.”

We heard Obama is forcing one in ten Americans to marry small, diseased woodland creatures while wearing Joe Biden masks. IN THE RAIN!

Politico is careful to note that the messages don’t carry any indication that they’ve been created or endorsed by Mitt Romney or his campaign. In fact, they’ve come from a number of email addresses, “including,, and”

h/t Politico

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