Bret Baier On ‘Political Force’ Jon Stewart: When Confronted Punts ‘I’m A Comedian’

Bret Baier spoke with Brian Kilmeade on his radio show about the epic confrontation between their Fox News colleague Chris Wallace and Jon Stewart. Baier described the interview as being “tense” and “entertaining to watch,” while also echoing some of Wallace’s thoughts about Stewart’s role in politics.

Kilmeade took particular exception to Stewart’s comment that what he does every day is “harder” than what Wallace does. Kilmeade admitted about Stewart, “he’s a genius, I think he’s smart as heck,” but disputed that Stewart actually has it harder than anyone on Fox News, since Stewart only does a half hour and has tons of writers. He also railed against some of Stewart’s other arguments, saying “his perception of what Fox is, is insane.” Baier understood Stewart has “got a schtick and he’s sticking with it” but concluded:

“He is a political force and there’s no denying it. He touches a lot of young people and he wants to be heard on politics but . . . when something goes he wrong, he punts to ‘I’m a comedian.'”

Regardless of what Stewart and Fox News personalities think of each other, the one thing that is indisputable is that every time they appear together it makes for enjoyable television that helps raise the profile of all involved.

Listen to the clip below from Kilmeade and Friends:

(h/t Johnny Dollar)

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