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CNN Discovers Hot New Trend: The Tea Party Movement

Have you heard about this new thing all the cool kids are doing, with the protesting and the funny signs and the unbridled hatred of socialism? CNN is blowing the lid off this underground movement that’s bound to be the next big thing. Wolf Blitzer had a chat with CNN’s new Tea Party correspondent Shannon Travis yesterday, and it turns out the Tea Party crowd is a combination of racists, families with children, and “a lot of nice people.”

It apparently took CNN about a year or so to notice the bottom-up swell of the Tea Party movement, and now that they’ve seen it, they sent reporter Travis out to get the whole story. Travis, being African-American, had a unique perspective on the Tea Party goers. For one, “you do see some of the signs that are racist, that are offensive to African-Americans,” he notes, but you also see African-Americans, which Travis is impressed to see are very proud to be among the crowd.

It’s a pretty honest and fair look at the Tea Party movement from the outside, though it is also shallow and somewhat late considering the movement is, at this point, about two years old. The unbiased, child-like curiosity with which Blitzer and company approach the movement is refreshing, however, albeit naive.

Watch the clip below:

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