CNN Praises Trump’s Speech While Noting That ‘He Said Things That Were Not True’

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 12.34.31 PMCNN hosts noted the shift in tone and newly minted discipline in Donald Trump‘s Wednesday morning address blasting Hillary Clinton, even as they noted that his tack of embellishing and distorting the record was still in evidence.

“This is a speech that will be fact-checked by the media,” John Berman said. “He said things that were not true in some cases about his support for the Iraq War or his opposition to it, the timeline there, the same thing with Libya.”

Berman continued: “But this was undoubtedly a speech with discipline. It was a speech with a message. And it was a speech designed to frame the entire election.” It was, he added, “the speech Republicans had been pining for.”

Dana Bash concurred, saying, “When it comes to tone, when it comes to substance, when it comes to message, this was exactly what Republicans had been begging for.” Though she too noted that the speech was riddled with untruths: “There are several things that we are going to be digging into that are questionable when it comes to facts,” she said.

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