Contessa Brewer Goes After Grayson For ‘Taliban Dan’ Ad

MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer should start a regular feature on her show in which she calls to account politicians for their nut job political ads. If today’s go-round with Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla) — he of the disgraceful Taliban Dan ad — was anything to go by, she’d have a surefire hit on her hands.

Grayson’s camp released a (now infamous) ad earlier this week referring to opponent Dan Webster as “Taliban Dan Webster.”

Brewer wanted to know why Grayson was not content to focus on Webster’s dismal record on women’s issues but instead felt the need to inaccurately edit them and tack on a Taliban comparison. Grayson wanted to know how come Contessa wanted to talk about the ad instead of women’s issues (read: you are a bad feminist!). Contessa, to her credit, refused to back down. Grayson, meanwhile, is not entirely uninterested in talking about his ad, which is so extreme it has essentially made a candidate who has tried to outlaw divorce, and force women who have been raped to bear the child look like the good guy. Watch below.

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