Everybody, Bill Clinton Learned How to Tweet a Selfie

While chatting with Bill Gates at the Clinton Global Initiative’s 2013 Annual Meeting, former President and professional Democrat-whisperer Bill Clinton snapped a selfie and retweeted it, declaring, “2 Bills, one selfie.” (Gates, slightly more tech-savvy, appears to have tweeted it first.)

There is a legitimate question as to how much Clinton actually performed any of these actions himself, as he’s not known as a types-his-own-emails kind of guy, and only joined Twitter this April at the prompting of Stephen Colbert. Notably missing in the pic is the extended arm, usually visible in self-taken shots, that’s holding the camera—though maybe he’s just really, really good at it! And an aide could very easily have retweeted that on his behalf.

But until proven otherwise, there’s no harm in assuming Bill’s figured out this whole smart phone/sharing thing. (And given his loquacity, perhaps we should be happy he’s not more comfortable dashing off tweets.)

Now, let’s all take a moment to remember what happens When Selfies Attack, and hope Bill keeps it cool:

[Image via Twitter]

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