GOP Senator Likens ‘Lock Her Up’ Chant to Birtherism: This Isn’t How We Beat Hillary

jeff flakeRepublican Senator Jeff Flake is doubling down on his criticisms of the cries of jailing Hillary Clinton at the RNC this week, likening them to birtherism.

Flake, who has refused to get behind Donald Trump, wrote on Medium last night that he firmly believes Clinton must be defeated in November. This is a belief he holds so strongly, he makes absolutely zero mention of Trump whatsoever.

He goes through a laundry list of reasons he absolutely cannot accept Clinton as the next President of the United States, but then throws out one gigantic caveat:

But one thing is certain, Republicans are not going to defeat Hillary Clinton in November by insisting that she belongs in prison any more than we defeated Barack Obama by pretending that he was born in Kenya. So let’s drop the references to orange pant suits and chants of “lock her up.” These jokes and bromides may play well in rare venues and limited circles, but they cheapen the very real arguments that need to be made to the broader public against a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Yes, a top Republican senator is saying the calls to lock Clinton up are just as harmful as birtherism.

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