Greta Van Susteren Defends Lehrer: Dems Blaming Him For Obama’s ‘Fumbling, Unprepared’ Performance

While the first presidential debate of course sparked conversation about both candidates and their views (and lies), it also shone the spotlight on moderator Jim Lehrer, who saw to be a pushover for essentially letting the candidates do what they want, throwing format to the wind. Au contraire, Greta Van Susteren argued: He simply let them debate. Isn’t that what he’s supposed to do.

In a blog post entitled “They now criticize Jim Lehrer for not bailing out their candidate? what do YOU think?” Van Susteren defended Lehrer. Obama showed up “bored, fumbling, and unprepared,” she said, and many Democrats blame…the moderator?

Lehrer didn’t “bail out” Obama, instead doing the “unthinkable — he let the candidates debate.”

Via GretaWire:

When I watch a debate, I want to see the debaters discuss the issues — I am not interested in hearing what the moderator has to say (he is not on the ballot.) If the debate is moving, issues are being discussed, and their is fairness in time distribution, and the candidates are debating, the moderator should — as Jim Leher did – step back and let them go.

You’ve got a friend, Jim.

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