Hillary ‘Hillz’ Clinton Loves New ‘Texts From Hillary’ Meme

The popular “Texts From Hillary” meme now has the stamp of approval from Madame Secretary herself! Adam Smith, who created the Tumblr with Stacy Lambe, tweeted that he met Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and that she “loves the site.” He even has proof: a photo signed by “Hillz.”

Smith tweeted:

Clinton signed the photo: “Adam – Thanks for the many LOLZ. Hillary ‘Hillz'”

Giving additional proof, a post on the Tumblr included a photo of Clinton, Smith and Lambe — with Hillz yet again in shades. After the meeting, Smith spoke to POLITICO:

“It was great. She came out, she was all smiles, told us how much she likes the site and that people have been telling her all about it,” Smith said. “She just thinks it’s great.”
“Her willingness to engage with us on the website proves our whole point in making it, that that picture was really great,” Smith said, before adding, “I’m not that eloquent right now because I’m still in shock!”

As if we needed another reason to love her.

(H/T The Hill; POLITICO)

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