Jon Stewart Saves Goats Loose on New York Subway (Yes, You Read That Right)

There was a bit of a situation in New York City on Monday after two stray goats were seen wandering around the subway tracks in Brooklyn. Fortunately for them, Jon Stewart came to the rescue.

The MTA worked with Animal Control yesterday to tranquilize the goats while they were walking on the N line near Eighth Avenue. After that, Stewart teamed up with the animal rescue organization Farm Sanctuary in order corral the beasts so they could be transported to an upstate shelter.

Ever since he stopped hosting The Daily Show, Stewart has been heavily involved in working with his wife Tracey to create animal sanctuaries in New Jersey. Stewart’s goat-herding escapades might cause people to recall the episode in 2016 where he helped save a runaway bull in New York that was on its way to the slaughterhouse.

Watch above.

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