Know Your Yemeny! Yemen Gets Its Moment In The Media Sun

Thanks to the ‘Underwear Bomber’ and his Yemeni-based al Qaeda connections the country of Yemen is getting a lot of attention in the press these days. A lot. Depending on where you get your news Yemen is either filling the role in the Axis of Evil left vacant by Iraq says Stephen Colbert (video below), or beautiful but troubled according to NBC’s Richard Engel, who also says the media may be blowing the threat out of proportion (along with Canadian airlines!). Or, alternately, our most fragile ally.

The Times calls the country “nuanced” in a photo slide show they are running, which may add some context to the coverage the country is now receiving. Context being the very thing we are lacking according to Jon Stewart who thinks that “getting attacked is really the only way we Americans learn about world geography!” Sadly, there may be some truth to that. Below Stewart and Colbert’s segments “brought to you by Yemen.”

Jon Stewart’s Country Of Yemen “Sad Libs”

Stephen Colbert: Better Know an Enemy – Yemen

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