Limbaugh: If Trump Wins, Liberals Will Kick Off ‘Levels of Violence That We Have Not Seen’

2-radio-stations-drop-rush-limbaughs-showRush Limbaugh today declared that if Donald Trump wins the election, there’s going to be a huge burst of anger and violence on the left.

He said liberals won’t just “sit idly by” and accept the results, but will instead bring “levels of violence that we have not seen.”

“I think,” Limbaugh argued, “people are gonna be shocked at the degree to which the left intends to intimidate people into reversing that result. I think they’re gonna do everything they can to see it that Trump never does get inaugurated.”

And, he added, the media won’t condemn it, but instead implore people to “understand” the anger.

Protesters have harassed Trump supporters over the past few months, but would people really riot if Trump wins?

Well, maybe.

Listen above, via The Rush Limbaugh Show.

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