Limbaugh: Obama ‘Killing Bin Laden’ And ‘Bragging About It’ Led To Benghazi Attacks

On his radio show this afternoon, Rush Limbaugh suggested that President Obama having ordered the 2011 killing of Osama bin Laden and subsequently “bragged about it” inspired the sort of sentiment that led to the terrorist attacks on a U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, last fall.

Reacting to a caller’s facetious question about the administration’s clumsy response to the attacks, Limbaugh remarked: “You have to remember: At the time that this happened, al Qaeda was on the run. Obama was king of the drones. We were wiping out all of our enemies. We’d killed bin Laden.”

He continued: “Nobody stopped to think that maybe killing bin Laden and running around bragging about it, as Obama did, might stir something up on September 11th somewhere. And it did. It wasn’t a video.”

Limbaugh went on to claim this is all part of a pattern of the president wanting the voting public to believe “terrorism has been dealt with.” He asserted that because the administration had, in his belief, invested so much time in claiming that they had successfully squashed the terrorist threat by assassinating bin Laden, they couldn’t then go ahead and admit that Benghazi was a terror attack.

The conservative talk radio host also warned his audience not to believe the administration or the Democratic Party on these issues because “everything is tied to an agenda” and about “party first.”

Listen below, via Daily Rushbo:

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