Megyn Kelly: I’m Not In the Tank for Anyone, ‘I Have No Political Ideology’

megynMegyn Kelly got a little personal about her politics in an interview with Fox colleague Alan Colmes tonight, given how many have publicly speculated about what she believes in.

Kelly said, “I am not an ideologue. I always laugh because when I was coming up the ranks at Fox News, the left thought I was always in the tank for the Republicans because they always see you through a certain prism.”

And because of, well, everything that happened in the past year, there are a lot of people assuming Kelly is “in the tank for, you know, the Never Trumpers or for the liberals.”

But Kelly made it clear that she’s not in the tank for anyone:

“I have no political ideology. I’m a soulless lawyer at heart. I can see both sides of any argument. I’m willing to be persuaded, but we have to stay open-minded.”

Listen above, via Fox News Radio.

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