New Poll: 36% Say Media Has Been Too Tough on Trump, 28% Say Not Tough Enough


President Donald Trump has spent much of the first two weeks of his administration airing his grievances about the press on Twitter and elsewhere. A new survey shows that a plurality of voters think Trump might have a legitimate beef.

According to a Gallup poll released Sunday, 36 percent of Americans think that the media has been too tough on Trump thus far in his Presidency. That tops the 28 percent who believe the media hasn’t been tough enough. Thirty-one percent say it’s just about right.

Not surprisingly, the poll comes pretty much down along party lines. Seventy-four percent of republicans regard the media as being too tough on Trump. Compare that with just nine percent of democrats who think the media has been too difficult. Independents say the coverage of the President has been too tough by a 37-26 margin (with 31 percent saying it’s been about right).

Gallup took the same poll at approximately the same point in President Barack Obama‘s first term. Only 11 percent of respondents said that the media’s treatment of Obama was too tough, compared with 38 percent who said not tough enough, and 48 percent who said just right.

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