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New Yorker Reimagines ‘Dewey Defeats Truman’ with Kanye West

In a move that will no doubt turn heads, break hearts, and churn stomachs, next week’s issue of the New Yorker will feature a possible look into the future of a 2020 presidential ticket featuring Kanye West and Donald Trump.

It’s not that far-fetched, at least in the sense that Trump remains one of the Republican Party’s top candidates for 2016, and West’s impromptu announcement at the MTV VMAs spurred an unsurprising amount of support within the music channel’s specific demographics. Even so, it’s a f*cking frightening scenario to imagine, and now the New Yorker‘s Barry Blitt has given us additional nightmare fuel:

new yorker kanye west 2020 cover

“Kanye West’s announcement of his intention to seek the Presidency reminds us that it’s not too early to start thinking about the 2020 campaign,” Blitt told the magazine of the cover. “2016’s already old hat by now, anyway.”

As for the drawing’s all-to-obvious inspiration, you have Blitt’s comparison between President Harry Truman and West to thank for that. Yes, he actually compared the two:

“And when one considers Mr. West, it doesn’t take a whole lot of imagination to be reminded of another scrappy kid who won the Presidency, back in 1948, against all odds. The press wrote him off, too. That’s right—Harry Truman.”

I literally can’t even.

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