NRSC Uses Twitter Account To Send Fake RTs From Democratic Politicians, Including President Obama

And you thought we were finished with political Twitter stories? C’mon, this is Washington we’re talking about! The National Republican Senatorial Committee’s getting blowback today from both the left and right for a series of fake re-tweets sent from the NRSC’s official @nrsc Twitter account. The bogus RTs each make reference to Democrats failing to produce a budget, and include a link to a webpage,, that is–wait for it–a blank page.

The fake RT from @BarackObama reads “My budget failed 0-97 but wait till you see @SenateDems budget -BO.” Another, using the Twitter handle of Tim Kaine reads, “First Recovery Summer, now @SenateDems budget plan website, we’re on a roll!” The messages were sent out from the @nrsc account to its 14,110 followers–and of course, the “original” messages do not show up on the Twitter accounts of President Obama, Kaine, Jon Tester, Harry Reid or Claire McCaskill.

And surprise–nobody’s laughing. Even Andy Levy, who helps bring the funny to Fox News Channel’s overnight Red Eye, was quick to blast the NRSC via Twitter, “@NRSC What the hell is wrong with you? How do you not realize it’s unethical to make up fake tweets from people?”

Many on Twitter are calling for the NRSC to remove the tweets–which may violate the site’s terms of service. So far, the stream of tweets remains on the NRSC’s page.

(h/t Jamison Foser)

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