Obama To Ryan Seacrest: I’m Okay With Jon Stewart Calling Me Dude

Yesterday Dana Perino suggested that President Obama‘s scheduled interview with Ryan Seacrest was just the White House giving him something to keep him occupied on election day. Considering Obama opened the interview by thanking Seacrest for “taking the time” one wonders if she wasn’t making a good point.

In the friendly nine minute interview Obama touched on the usual talking points, reiterating a number of times how important it is for young people to vote, that immigration reform is still a top priority for him, and that despite everything he remains optimistic about the country. Lighter revelations included the fact he doesn’t get to sleep in, he doesn’t mind being called “dude” (cf. Jon Stewart) he never brings his Blackberry on dates with the First Lady, and the media has mostly left the kids alone. So essentially the kind of interview you’d expect from Ryan Seacrest, sans some of the more ridiculous Facebook questions. Listen below.

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